Starting A Business For Dummies

In the video above I've shared some basic information from one of my mentors, Robert Kiyosaki, author of many books including "Rich Dad Poor Dad."

Robert Kiyosaki is a brilliant entrepreneur who has simplied the basics of being rich or poor. As you will learn, if you don't know already, it all begins in your mind in what you think and think about.

With regard to starting a business for dummies you do need to educate yourself and begin training your mind.

Then, when you're ready, you can more easily determine good opportunities from bad ones.

In my experience, getting the Success Kit our team offers is simply a no-risk way to begin the process.

By clicking and entering your email address you will get the necessary information to make an educated decision about this business opportunity.

Thanks for visiting my blog and best wishes in your search!

Jeff & Mardene Smith


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Jeff & Mardene Smith

I have found that taking screen shots on my computer is a huge need and sometimes it is complicated. Well it doesn't have to be complicated any more.

With Jing, a free program download, you can easily create a picture of anything that is viewable on your screen. And did I mention Jing is free to download?

Click here to visit Jing yourself and by following the video above, you'll be capturing important screen shots like a Pro!

Enjoy and check back on my blog for more "Prosperity Tips!"

Jeff Smith

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How To Take A Screen Shot Using Jing [Free]

Awesome explanation!

Why Would Someone Want An Empower Network Blog?

There's nothing like holding a Google Hangout to record yourself explaining more complex topics like "Why Would Someone Want An Empower Network Blog?"

I love the fact that I can talk through my web cam and then also share my screen and show basically anything I want on a Google Hangout!

So in this Hangout I explained why someone would want to have an Empower Network blog for their business. And the reasons are many:

  • They're easy to setup
  • You can have your own custom domain "mapped" to your Empower Network blog
  • You can customize the blog as you like with various links and banners
  • You can have as many blogs as you need for the monthly charge of $25
  • You will never need more bandwidth if you get tons of traffic to your blog
  • You automatically inform your referred members every time you post on your blog
  • You get social sharing features that raise your SEO popularity
  • You will earn 100% commissions for people you refer to Empower Network

And there are more reason, but that is good enough to start.

So if you happen to be interested in an Empower Network blog for your business click the Join Me link above.

Best wishes as well in your online or offline business!

Chase Swift

This is a great post by our company leaders, David Wood and David Sharpe! For moe information on what I'm doing as an online business. click on the banners on this page.

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